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  • Re: Tracking floating holidays

    I have gone through exactly the same thing. You might as well just add the 8 hours to PTO if you have CA employees because CA-DLSE will hurt you if you do not. I understand that HR things their opinion is important here. It is not.

  • Re: Tracking floating holidays

    You will not want to hear this but CA is going to treat this like PTO/vacation no matter how you cut the deck. Why not just add it to vanilla PTO in addition to the normal add schedule?

  • Re: Employment status change - do you wait for the beginning of a new pay period?

    It is always easier to do these sorts of things at the end of the pay period. On the other hand, Very Senior Management in my experience does not give a flying f*** about making PR's job easier (or possible).

    Not the question, but things like IC>employee risk an argument that that the worker was legally ALWAYS an employee and just being mishandled. Non-exempt to Exempt is not a big deal (if the Exempt test passes), but the reverse is maybe not true. Possible argument that the employee legally was always non-exempt.

  • Re: Paying someone as a temporary and employee in the same work week

    The temp agency looks at hours worked while he/she was their employee. You look at hours worked while he/she is your employee. This is what the law says. Encourage the employee to call up federal DOL and explain them why he/she is special and deserves special handling. Then do whatever DOL tells you to do.

  • Re: Global International Payroll Provider

    I have always used the local subsidiary of our Big-4 tax company to process payrolls in country. There is usually a lot of non-payroll reporting/taxes required when running a payroll in another company. Brazil (for example) required a $70K annual fee for us to have a part time person in country. I have done maybe a dozen countries worth of payroll and Canada is the only one I remember as being easy. Ex Pats make it harder because you have to keep US and in country payroll in sync.