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  • No one else is thinking "I don't want to know things about your other income and child credits"???? I'm also reading the instructions that say " 15....This also is the basis for figuring withholding for employees whose Forms W-4 include en…
  • I shall also bow to your expert knowledge @David Warren . You've helped me many times and I thank you for that.
  • I know you didn't ask but here is more.... HR is attempting to fill an anticpated 2 year position with an independent contractor. This sole proprietor does offer services to the public at large. However the "services agreement" that was written…
  • She was an employee before she went to DC. She did not go to DC for our convenience, it was for hers. I am unsure if she will perform any work when she returns to KS, or if she will in fact return.
  • David, She's not in KS. Employer is in KS and she's in DC where she is working via computer. My concerns are: Since she's physically in DC even though we are a KS employer, we need to be working with DC's rules because that is where she is a…
  • Patrick- You are always helpful! You did capture what I was trying to get across in controlling risks and vulnerabilities while maintaining efficiency. Having worked only in small offices and doing all of the processes myself, well, I'm just no…
  • One woman band here too. Since I've only had 2 times in the past 8 months be less then 40 hours worked, maybe I'll take an extra day off!
  • Being involved with KPERs (Kansas) I can say that employees are allowed to purchase this service credit. IMHO because agency is giving the employee a check for the cost, made out to the employees, it IS taxable income to the employee. Now if the…
  • Karla, I understand your concern as we are going to be changing systems in 2015 and I’m having the same thoughts. Our HR department relies on me heavily to ensure that their calculations are correct. We issue approximately 13K checks a year and…
  • How do these people get thru college? I had a new employee who's been thru a 4 year college call and ask me similiar questions about ss/med last week. "But I don't get ss and I'm not old enough for medicare." Either you were given a silver spoo…
  • Thanks David. I did that yesterday. Unfortunately someone let the last one slip thru misspelled on the same employee so I had a bit of a problem convincing the garnishing atty,sigh.
  • David Warren wrote: The management of this website talked about adding an Accounts Payable specific section, but nothing happening. This was a few years ago. Still a good idea, if the BTB are listening. Thanks, I'll check TAPN and plus 1 …
  • Thanks all. Still having problems convincing upper mgmt that I need to tax the value, sigh.
  • I know that DP's are not eligible for favorable tax treatment, but was more asking that since the retiree is not a wage earner from my company would I be responsible for reporting it. So, I think I understand your answer David. Even though the re…
  • Thanks David! I have enough backup that I can prove it was the interview expense. Is this day over yet?