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CPA Exam

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Taking my first section (FAR) on April 30th. About 25% done through with the material. I'm so going to fail. :(


  • Back in 1999 when I took it, you had to take all 4 sections at once. It would have been nice to take just one at a time. Although, it was nice to pass 3 at once and only have to do the auditing section again. (Twice).
  • Yeah, from what I've read the difficulty level is kind of a wash pre-Sarbanes Oxley and post. They say in theory it sounds easier because you take them one at a time, but then you have to factor in PCAOB, IFRS, SaOx, etc. Supposedly, there is a lot more information to master per section, which is offset by the fact that you can focus on one section at a time.

    I'm honestly not sure which way I would prefer to do it. Overall being able to focus on one section at a time (even with more to deal with) is probably the best. The biggest downside is that it draws the whole process over a 12-18 month period instead of just being done if you passed.
  • It is broader than it used to be. Taxation as a percent of the section it is included in has increased significantly, but business law (the part I didn't pass the first time at 68% - It was then I decided to take a business law course :roll: ) went from an entire section to part of the section on regulation and ethics.
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