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Losing my payroll backup

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Our HR Coordinator just gave her notice. She was my backup. Now I have to train someone else. I hate training. No more vacations for me for a while. :(


  • That stinks! Sorry Mindy :(
  • Sorry Mindy...wish I had a backup to train....
  • Yeah, Mindy, I am sorry too. I don't have one of these either, so a vacation is nearly next to impossible for me as well.
  • I'm with you Mike. I kinda have a backup person, who can do only the basic day to day functions (I am exclusively a tax person), but she is so overloaded with her regular payroll processing duties that I've been told not to utilize her for anything. Wow, that's helpful.... so, here I am, stuck with a whole bunch of vacation time on the books, and not able to take any of it, again, this year.
  • I'm a one man payroll / hris department. A lot of fun to to do data entry, process payroll, support the users, support the system, security, train HR Managers, general ledger, taxes, and manage company wide HR projects.

    Very odd that we have 11 HR and only 1 payroll position.

    Have had a backup plan in place for 3 1/2 years but they aren't willing to help assign someone or accept suggestions.

    We had a meeting and someone said, "If PRJeff isn't here, we don't have any support and can't really do anthing." Quote the boss, "That is the system we have in place and we do not see it changing soon."

    Good times.
  • Oh and out of the 11 on the HR team, the grand total of training hours on the software we use is zero.

    Too busy to attend training.
  • Wow, that is crazy. With that many people in the department, there is really no excuse for someone not being trained as backup. Job security though, eh? :P
  • If PRJeff isn't here, we don't have any support and can't really do anthing.

    Sounds like a plan - do they actually do much of anything anyway? Perhaps that is why there are eleven.
  • My previous company had 3300 EE's 2 processed payroll 60% hourly with paper timesheets. There were 19 in HR who never got anything right well maybe once or twice they did.
  • To be fair, I was in HR for a year - did work comp administration - self insured division of GM - worked closely with the S&A people, BC/BS, Plant Protection, Medical Staff (all under HR) and the union reps - The HR people I worked with worked hard and knew what they were doing - but had very little to do with payroll issues- Now the hiring staff - that may have been a different story - When I hired in, they put me in the College Graduate In Training program (6 months being assigned to different areas of the plant to learn something about each). Divisional accounting expected me to start doing real work immediately and thought I hadn't shown up for work for two days before they called HR to find out if they knew what had happened - Of course HR did know - I was in quality control walking around the plant with a QC inspector.
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