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poor performers on the team

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Here's one for the books, as they say! In our HR department, which I am a part of, we have a team member that seems to "get by" with poor performance. She refuses to do tasks for our Manager (we both report to the HR Manager). She workes 8:30 to 5, exempt position, but leaves (an hour after she arrives at work or sometimes in the middle of the afternoon, because she "needs a break)to go get coffee (she doesn't like the free coffee that is available) at Caribou, leaves to work out (for 1 1/2 hours) in the middle of the afternoon because she needs a break. She was told (during her review) to quit parking in the visitor parking lot, which is the closest to the entrance, because it looked bad for someone in HR to be parking there. She saw nothing wrong with that because she would be leaving in an hour to go get coffee any way! She thought she deserves a raise and a promotion, because she "works her butt off". But she never finished a single project last year!
She asked what it would take to get promoted :roll: and was told she should take classes to get her HR certification. But she didn't like studying nights and weekends, and the company paid for her to go to classes to help her get the certification. She didn't attend the classes, because she didn't like the instructor's teaching style!
It has been a quiet week here at our office, because most of the employees we support have been at training. So no one stopping by for help, calling or emailing. But she asked our Manager to work off site at Caribou today! He told her she could!!! She doesn't have a personal computer or internet at her apartment. She said needed to focus! Now we have numerous conference rooms that are not being used in our building today and she is supposedly working on a project that was due April 2010. :roll: All she had left to do was format the document in Word.
Other employees have complained about her to our Manager, she has been rude to employees, argumentive to team members and pouts for days at times.
Oh and I forgot she does not perform any exempt duties but is paid 15% above the midpoint of the salary range for her position.
Needless to say, my other team member and myself cannot understand why she is still here and why at the least she hasn't been put on a performance improvement plan.
Thanks for listening and I am guessing some of you are saying to yourself "can I apply for her job". :lol:


  • Understood that she's not a team player. Sounds like a classic example of someone who doesn't even understand the term, unfortunately. :roll:

    My opinion (which I know you didn't ask for... :lol: )? Ignore her shenanigans, as much as possible, and focus on what you can do to make yourself the best employee and team player you can be. Frankly, the more attention that's put on what she's getting away with, the more she'll keep doing it. Instead, put attention on the projects and tasks you're on, and do what you can to make your productivity really shine. Refuse to be a part of the gossip about this other employee, and instead, get your game on.

    A smart boss will notice your production, and, if your boss isn't, you can still put your achievements in your resume when you are looking for a better job! :D
  • Thanks for the great advice! :D
  • OMG dormay.... I think I have the twin "working" with me. When I started reading your post, I thought maybe I could have written it, except the twin doesn't like coffee :wink:

    Sylviatoor gave you some pretty good advice. You can't change other people, you can only change the way that you deal with it. Make yourself the best possible employee & team player that you can be, and forget about the slacker. Even if your boss doesn't notice, others in the company will, and you'll have that satisfaction.

    Good Luck,
  • From my experience, it sounds like she is the perfect candidate for a management position :shock:
  • "everyone rises to the level of their incompentence"
  • I did a double take because I thought it was written about my co-worker by another co-worker. It is a tough situation to deal with, but “everyone’s bill comes due”.
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