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Is there life after payroll?

As I get ready to go in to work this Saturday am (4th quarter file sent to tax service last night, now must work on comparing YTD totals with W-2 totals - then input all data for new payroll year for first paychecks on 1/14 and prepare to verify all tax rates for Unemployment comp and income tax calculations for all states are correct - the list goes on) I wonder if there is something else I'm good at besides payroll....

I have been working 12 + hour days since the last week in December (we observed the holiday on Friday the 31st so we had to get payroll done on Tuesday the 18th - a day early - try getting managers to turn in timecards early - yeah that worked well) and I will need to go in both Saturday and Sunday this weekend - just to stay afloat. Of course I can't ask any of my hourly non-exempt staff to help because we would incur overtime expenses :shock: not allowed). For some reason this year seems especially hard - harder than it's been in the past where I could just shake it off and get over it.

Maybe I'm just getting older - :roll: and it's not fun anymore... I sometimes miss the days when I was a 911 dispatcher and there were no year end deadlines or things to reconcile...but there was also the requirement to work weekends and holidays and the night shift.

Oh well, thanks for letting me whine...Off to work I go....


  • I totally understand, Michelle. I've been with my company for 22 years and some stuff has happened recently that makes me wonder if I still want to be here. So I look at ads online, just to see, and reading the Payroll ads is uninspiring and I don't think I want to do Payroll anywhere else either. I also do Benefits Administration here, so I would try to move more into that, I think, if I ever really decide to leave.
  • I agree with both of the comments. I am getting tired of the Payroll "life" too. We moved to an internet based product and I had two other big projects to complete before year end this year. There have been some bumps along the way on the implementation of the product, but I am tired of getting beat up about it! I told my manager we should wait until February for the implementation, but oh no it was get done now. Never mind that he can't even create his own Excel spreadsheets or format the ones that I give him to allow them to print correctly. :roll:

    Oh, and I can't be promoted because I don't have an indepth knowledge of Benefits! I manage payroll for the US and Europe, administer STD and Work Comp inhouse and am the HRIS person for our department! Plus help hire and train new members to our HR team!

    I did have a very good review, but was told that while my manager knows that I want to be promoted, I just don't have the Benefits knowledge yet and MAYBE in 12 to 18 months it might be looked at again--but no promises.

    If I were to make a career change I would take classes and get the Compensation certification. I think that would be a good fit for anyone with Payroll experience (20+ years) and the salaries are better too.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭
    Dormay -- can I suggest you look into the CEBS certification? I think that would help you move into benefits/compensation. They have shorter 3 course certifications and one is in compensation itself. There are other short ones too... You can either self-study OR group study....but I found with the textbooks and workbooks from the IFEBP that I did better on the self study side.

    If you need more info, just let me know!
  • I've been planning to get some of the shorter CEBS certifications for about 5 years now. Someday I will get around to actually doing it. :lol:
  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭
    Actually mine isn't errors or corrections, it just getting time to do them along with all my other duties/hats that I wear... So I actually wont' be printing/finishing them as early this year as in the past. My goal in the past was by the 15th....but this year it is by the 22nd....
  • To answer the question, I don't know. If I don't get another payroll job, I may be hitting the 7-11 on the corner for an application. :cry:
  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭
    I have a pretty good process and really can't think of much more I could do ahead of time. Generally I have to wait until the last payroll of the year to generate 941s, 940s, state quarterly UIs, etc. I have 6 companies with 6 in house payrolls that I also do, so I have to do all the reports/forms for all six. This year the last payroll date was on 12/31 and then the 1st and 2nd were weekend I didn't get to start as early as I had in the past. Luckily this year, there are no imputed income/tax fringe rid of company cars last year YAY!

    Part of it is also that I am telecommuting and planning a business trip back to the main office to finish off reports and W-2s. So part of it is my own scheduling of my time and my own preferences.
  • I think too that there isn't much more I can do during the year. We had to process two payrolls the last week in December each a day early, and the east coast had the snow so the managers were submitting timecards via e-mail from home and asking us (payroll) to make all the corrections - plus there was extra holiday pay to be entered for Dec 24th. Then we started to input all the new UC rates for 2011, and then had to switch gears to send a test file to Ceridian for our very first On-line W-2's attempt which required special programming and testing. Then back to the 2011 first payrolls to verify all the new tax tables and UC rates are calculating correctly, then back to 2010 W-2's because my vendor that reported the New Hire wages to me messed up and reported the gross wages and not the SS wages so I need to file amendments for 2nd and 3rd Qtr 941's and quick fix the 4th quarter file before I send it to Ceridian to process and tie against the W-2's. Then I needed to make another correction because my payroll lead "forgot" to pull the group term life info for the final payroll in 2010 so even though we are talking pennies for most of the employees,my boss wants it all booked on their W-2s. 431 employees manually adjusted wages and SS and FICA taxes for $.03 up to $14. I can see the $14 and even everyone over $1?

    So these last three weeks have basically stunk and it's not the norm, but as I said, I'm just not enjoying it anymore.... Back to work....
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