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Supervisor Training

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During National Payroll Week this year I am thinking of sending training tools to the supervisors, god knows they always need them. Does anyone care to share information they give to their supervisors? :lol:

You can e-mail me @ [email protected].



  • Roz,
    Are these supervisors who you supervise, supervisors who supervise you, supervisors who supervise employees for whom you supervise the processing of payroll for or supervisors of employees who process payroll? Do the supervisors supervise the supervision of payroll? Or do they supervise the filling out of time cards? Who are these people and why do they need training tools during National Payroll Week? :?
  • LOL when you put it like that :shock: . These are supervisors who supervise employees for whom I supervise the processing of payroll for. It seems that every payroll transmit day we are going over issues that supervisors should know. For example; meal periods and overtime in the state of California, missing punches on the timeclock.

    I thought that during National Payroll Week would be a great time to educate them. They are like most people and think all we do is push a button and "poof" your paycheck is done. :mrgreen:
  • A common errors list (or video - youtube - humorous)

    A tour of payroll or a virtual tour of payroll (video?) showing - or something like the Schoolhouse Rock "I'm just a Bill" video on how a time card gets to be a paycheck - show the process and incorporate what happens when the common errors occur.

    You might want to check out the O'Shea report for ideas,
  • Patrick, Payroll Rock. That would be a hoot to work on. :lol: :lol:
  • Just a thought -
    If it is the Corbert Repor.. since the O'sheas do payroll - shouldn't be the
    O'shea Repay?
  • Thanks for all the input. I think I'm leaning towards the shock collars :lol:
  • Actually, this is training that every supervisor should go through when they become a supervisor. You can just rehash the prior "class" content.

  • If this is for non-payroll supervisors, maybe one of those big mouth bass mounts for the wall that you can customize the message. Something with the words "timesheets", and "yes, you dummy" springs to mind. Have it go off on time sheet due dates.

    Love it!!
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