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Expat Home Leave Taxation

edited March 2011 in International Issues
Hello all, looking for a bit of assistance on an Expatriate payroll issue. I have three expatriates, and have just been asked to amend the 2010 returns/W-2s to reflect the value of their home leave. Problem is, I have not been given the amounts, but have been asked to assist the employees in calculating the necessary values.

So two questions - what amounts should be taken into consideration for home leave? I'm assuming that any flight costs/lodging expenses (employer paid) should be included. But I've been unable to find a resource online detailing precisely what items should be included.

Also, one of our expats only came back to the U.S. in 2010 for business purposes, but not for a vacation. His expenses were of course paid by the employer. So I'm assuming there shouldn't be a taxable event for this employee?



  • Thanks David. We have enlisted a CPA firm with some background on these issues to assist, but they've just come on board and I've got to get rolling on these changes. I was hoping for an easier answer, but it appears that's rarely the case when it comes to expatriate payroll. :mrgreen:
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