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Intigration of time

edited January 2011 in Human Resources
Hi guys I need some help,
here is the situation; our HR dept. intigrates time when it comes to disability, but I do payroll and I am not sure how exactly gets calculate, can someone explain please? Our policy says that when an employee is going to be on a leave of absence they must take PTO for the first 7 days (5 working days) and them they are paid from their sick bank but the hrs get intigrated, depending on how much they are going to get from the EDD.
Example: we have a 40 hr employee that went on leave and was paid 40hrs of PTO for the first week off; he will be getting $620.00 weekly from EDD, we pay biweekly...he works 80 hrs and gets a $1.00 differential per hr. He makes $1553.60 biweekly; so does this mean that we need to pay him 16.15 hrs of sick time?


  • "Initigrated"? Do you mean coordination of benefits?

    Have you asked HR this question?
  • Integrating PTO with SDI is a common practice among California employers. To simplify the meaning, a person that is Integrating PTO with SDI is simply making that person earn as close to what they normally would had they been at work. I would say that this is not an exact science, but you appear to have the correct answer need to make the employee not suffer a loss of income while out on leave.
    Of course you may only do this for employees with sufficient PTO to coordinate. Depending on the length of the absence, this can go on for some time.
    I always recommend a calculator that is invoked on each time a request is provided to payroll. It helps to show the employee what they can expect in advance if possible and make it clear that when the employee returns to work, they inform the HR department immediately to avoid any potential overpays.
    Best of luck...