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Hourly to Salary

Good day, everyone!

I have an employee who was hourly (non-exempt) and was moved to a salaried (exempt) position in the middle of the workweek. I know, we should have a policy against that, but unfortunately, it is what it is and now I have to figure out how to pay this person. Here is the deal:

Monday - worked 10 hours (non-exempt employee)
Tuesday - worked 10 hours (non-exempt employee)
Wednesday - worked 8 hours (changed to exempt employee on this day)
Thursday - worked 8 hours (exempt employee)
Friday - worked 8 hours (exempt employee)

I know overtime is calculated on a 40-hour workweek basis, not daily, but how does this person get paid? 20 hours at previous regular rate and 24 hours at new rate with no overtime considered? That seems like what it should be to me, but maybe I am wrong.