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Travel Time Question

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I have searched all previous topics and can't find any that are relevant to my situation, so any advice or guidance is much appreciated. Our Company does door to door market research. To perform these surveys we employ individuals that are all home based and they reside in multiple states. The employees all travel to various locations, assignments can be either local work or out of town stays. The employees are all paid on a piece rate basis and some are also paid an hourly rate. None of the employees have "normal" work schedules as their start and stop times are flexible and inconsistent. We pay them travel time throughout the date as they travel locally on an assignment, but I am unclear about the travel time incurred to get them to the out of town assignment. Everything I read regarding compensable travel cites hours worked within an individuals work schedule. Given this situation, I am very unclear about what is considered compensable travel time.


  • I don't know enough to know what would be fair. On one hand, you want the employees to travel to (relatively) remote locations. On the other hand, you don't want them being paid 6 hours for driving (round trip) to do two hours of work. They won't want to drive 6 hours to be paid for two.

    If the employee is driving, the time is time worked under the FLSA. It might not be work time if the employee is a passenger. You can pay different rates of pay for different types of work.