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IRS Says Our 5500 Extension Approved but We Didn't File 5558

kristylee ✭✭
edited November 2010 in Human Resources
Did this happen to anyone else? I filed our 401K 5500's on time and neither I nor Fidelity filed a Request for Extension (Form 5558) since there was no reason to. However, I got a letter from the IRS stating they received our Form 5558 and approved our extension. Wondering if the IRS is just granting automatic extensions this year or what?



  • Is it possible that the extension is for a different 5500? Don't some Health/Welfare plans have to still file 5500s? Check the plan name/number to be sure.

    Other than that, I would hope it was just an IRS glitch, but like David said, you would probably get a better response on BenefitsLink. There is a specific forum for 5500s
  • Most likely a an error in the TIN at the IRS - typo or scanning error. Since you filed on time, the extension does not do anything to you or for you. However the plan that actually filed for the extension may have a problem. It could be the extension that one of my clients filed that the IRS apparently lost - but that was not a 5558. Anyway, we were able to show the in the corp minutes "we have to file the extension next month" - next month "the extension will go in the mail tomorrow" - following month - "the extension was filed on time".
    Now with all that - why wasn't a copy retained?????
    Anyway, the IRS accepted the corp minutes as "reasonable cause".