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Worked hard to get actual CA regs regarding off-site work and miles driven implemented here. A new policy was written, approved, and added to our policy handbook, with instructions for all employees to read. Yay!

Couple weeks ago an HR person & I went to an off-site seminar that lasted less than our normal hours, but included a long commute. I applied the new policy correctly, as an hourly employee, which resulted in less than 8 hrs worked, and requested mileage reimbursement for the drive there & back.

HR person queries me extensively about this policy prior to going to this seminar. Afterwards, she sends me her hours, which add up to slightly less than mine.

Her boss, the head of HR, sends me an email saying "why don't we just pay her 8 hours. I don't see why we should penalize people for going to a seminar, by DEDUCTING TIME FROM THE TIME CARD." What????? He also said that he feels a mileage reimbursement is not necessary...

Did he read this policy???? :shock:

Grrrr. :evil: