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FL UI report file

kikikiki ✭✭
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Have anyone here done uploading UI report file for state of Florida? We have been manually entering them via internet for years and now want to try uploading file. We have tried to generate different .txt files and still got errors. Does anyone know what the requirements are or any suggestion, advice? Thanks for your help.


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    Temp gig at previous employer did, and we used to get errors every time also. Well, it SAID it took the file, but a month later, I'd get a call and have to fax paper.

    Sorry, not there any longer, so don't know what every came of it.
  • I see, Patty. Maybe that is why we have to do it manually.

    Here is the link: ... Login.aspx

  • We upload our file to FL. They keep changing the format but it is now an XML file. They also require out of state wages for any employee to be listed (if you ever have that situation - like for a transfer). On the web site you can send a test file but you always get a W40 error because it does not calculate YTD taxable wages and you can ignore the error on the test file. look for other errors such as formating. Your payroll software should have the most up to date formats required by the states for filing.

    To sum it up - you are not alone. They have something broken and now they have outsourced their file acceptance and reveiw to some company. I thought I had a contact name and number but have been unable to locate it.
  • It's nice to know that I'm not the only one having problems with FL UI electronic filing. I know their format requirements changed earlier this year. Good luck with contacting them, though. I had to send paper copies for the first two quarters. Right now we are in the process of revising our file and testing it out. I've listed some websites that may be helpful to you.

    Employer Information:

    File Format Requirements: ... fo/uct.pdf

    I hope this will help you out.
  • I found a note of a contact that we worked with previously. You may want to try them.

    Supervisor - Torina Owens 850-487-9713

    Actually the helpful person works for Torina and his name was Mr. McDaniel but I can not find his direct line.

    I would recommend you call the number but ask for Mr. McDaniel.

    Yep - everyone I talk to has issues with FL.
  • Paylady,

    I printed the file format requirements and still having fun reading the pages now.


    That phone number is not in service.

    I guess we are going to manually enter the datas again this quarter. Hopefully we can figure something out next quarter.

    Thanks everyone alot.
  • Sorry, Kiki. That was the last number we had. Maybe the outsourcing did away with those jobs.
  • Or the state did not pay it's phone bill.

    Maybe that's why I can't seem to reach anyone. :lol:
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