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New Hires/holiday

I am just curious...does anyone have a flag built in the system to ensure that a new hire is not hired on a company holiday?

The reason I asked is that someone keyed a new hire on a date that the company is closed. I happen to come across the record and had it changed to the correct date but if I did not look the wrong date would have been in the system.


  • In the past, I've not had such a flag in the payroll system, but have configured the time and attendance system not to generate the holiday record in such cases. Of course, you know you can't dock for salaried exempt employees, right?
  • We pay the exempts based on the start the 1st pay is always pro-rated. So are you saying that for the exempt colleagues I have to always pay them the full salary even if they on work 2 days in that pay period?
  • No, I'm saying that for salaried exempt employees, you cannot have a waiting period for holiday pay.
  • I do not have a flag setup for this- but we pay holidays right from day one so I guess it doesn't matter. We also pay, for example, if the holiday is on Monday but the employee doesn't start until Tuesday.
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