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Merit increase for 2010

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I just want to get an overview of how companies are doing this year. My manager wants me to get an idea whether or not other companies are giving merit increases this year. If so, can I just get an idea of what is the percentages. Please advise!



  • I think you'll need to specify your industry, as that has a pretty big effect on the answer. My company is construction, and we got a big fat zero (better than a cut, though). My husband is in biotech, and he got over 4%.
  • Effective yesterday our management instituted a hiring freeze and a freeze on all wages.
  • Not sure about everyone else that works here but I got over 4%
  • Merit Increase, what's that? I think I got one of those 4 years ago. :shock:
  • Banking/credit card processing industry, small company (~60 EEs), with good performance even through the economic downturn. CFO & CEO granted merit raises and COL raises on a case-by-case basis throughout the year. About 80% of the company received some sort of raise. This is an extremely generous company whose raises were (prior to 2 years ago) 8-10% each year, no fail. This year the raises have ranged between 2% and 8%.
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