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Coworkers/Team Members????

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I am guessing everyone can relate to this one--immature team member that doesn't want to do ALL of her job, but just the socializing part!

She talked our Manager into promoting her out of an admin position, by telling him she really wanted to be come an HR Generalist. She was promoted and given more money, but definitely has not moved into the role she said she wanted. The company even paid for her to take the prep class to sit for the certification exam. She only attend the first 2 classes and then decided she didn't like to way the class was taught or the instructor so quit going. Of course, she didn't tell our manager (we have the same one). This was during the time that training dollars were really, really tight. (Other team members, including me, were denied requests for training.)

She established a start time of 8:30 and then asked if it could be moved to 9, because it was really hard for her to get to work by 8:30. She is single with no children or significant other, so no obstacles on that front, to getting to work on time. At least our manager told her no! Then she asked for a promotion and a raise, again NO. She eats at her desk, but leaves to go get coffee mid morning and then leaves in the middle of the afternoon to work out.

Her projects are several months late--she told our Manager that she put them on hold as she was too busy to work on them. Needless to say he wasn't happy about that, as he had given 4 different deadlines this year for a project that still isn't done.

She is upset with me, because I was angry at the fact that she hasn't been passing along correct and complete information to me for payroll processing, i.e. shift changes, pay increases and new hires. She has been allowing managers to submit incomplete and incorrect data on our electronic forms. (She prints the forms out and makes the changes, but doesn't bother to let me know they have been changed. Her answer was "I didn't know you needed that information!).

Now she is pouting in her cube and only talks to the other 3 team members when it work related, not even a good morning or good night! Oh, well.

We are hiring a real HR Generalist and this team member will be told exactly what her duties are--this is according to our manager. So thanks for listening and I am sure things will get better after the new person is on board. It is just uncomfortable right now!


  • Whom does she have pictures of with the goat? :roll: Sheesh.
  • I'm going through something similar so I feel your pain.

    My problem is that the girl kisses our bosses behind and it gets her all kinds of special treatment even though she's not really any better than your coworker. Comes in late everyday, leaves early everyday, takes extended lunches (with our boss), has been taking unpaid "sick" days from the moment she walked in the door - and sick is in quotes because she isn't really sick - she's mad at someone so she just doesn't come in. She dates our married coworkers and when people call her out she says "Well I don't know how good their marriage is" so its not like she isn't aware there is a wife and family at stake here. The list goes on.

    I'll tell you what a friend tells me - just wait it out - their day will come. It always does.
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