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Accounts Payable Certification

Anyone familiar with any of the organizations that issue a certification for AP?

I know the APA now has an AP side, but could not find anything about a certification.

I have seen IOMA has one and IAPPA has one.

I have been payroll certified since 1998 and now have an additional role in managment in AP and would like to be the first one at the company I am at to be certified in that field, but I need help.

All suggestions are welcome.

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  • The AP side from the APA is still a bit new. Pretty sure they don't have a certification in place yet. But I am positive they will.

    In all honesty I don't know which certification holds more weight with employers. I personally have only heard of IOMA and the AAPA-(because of being a member of APA)

    It would be nice to only have one certification to choose from. Not from 3 different sources, it makes it kind of confusing.
  • Hi Pam,

    I have the APS certification you are referring to. I got mine from the IOMA and TAPN. I did the self-study course and passed the 100 question exam on the first try.

    You can visit their website or contact this guy for more info:
    Andrew Fitzpatrick [[email protected]]

    He is the one that ordered my study materials and exam for me.

    Good luck!
  • Janet,
    Was the test online or at a testing center? I see you can order the self study and exam for $345 from IOMA which I am considering.

    Any other tips? I have not been dealing with AP that long but have a good knowledge of the tax reporting for 1099's and 1042's. I have been in payroll management for about 25 years with a total accounting/payroll career of 40 years.
  • David,
    Amen to everything you wrote. I have my CPP but would feel more comfortable talking about that "Disbursement Manager" title if I had some type of AP certification even if no one else knows what it is - similar to the CPP.

    Even my boss - "Director of Disbursements" has said again and again that payroll people can do AP at the get go, but AP people can not just "do" payroll. Our AP folks that don't report to me are nothing more than data entry. I have the vendor specialists and the vendor tax specialists reporting to me - 15 in all.

    We have had a reorg and payroll and AP now have a common director who was over just payroll. So my job title is Payroll Services Manager but I am also handling 50% of the AP stuff (vendor set up, approval, and tax reporting).
  • There are certifications and certifications - some simply generate revenue for the issuing organization and a certificate to hang on the wall. And looking around - sometimes I feel the more certificates on the wall the less impressed I should be - and Pat's general rule of thumb - "The larger the certificate, the more dubious the distinction" :mrgreen:

    The value is in the knowledge and experience gained in obtaining the certificate AND the recognition by those who matter of the amount of knowledge and experience required to obtain the certificate.

    I guess what I am saying is, if you have to explain the certificate, list the stuff that got you the certificate on the resume.

    On the other hand - Pam, what you seem to want is a program to follow to solidify and fill in the gaps of the knowledge and experience you may already have or need for your job or the job you want - That is an entirely different matter - and which program is the best depends upon what you have to do to complete the program.
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