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APA Virtual Classes

I was curious if anyone has taken the APA Virtual classes – Payroll Practice Essentials and Intermediate Payroll Concepts. My intention is to request training from my employer to prepare for the CPP. Since the training is rather pricy, I would like to get the most bang for their buck. ;) From what I gather, PayTrain is a good resource that I don’t yet have. I do have the Payroll Source book. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
If it helps, I have 3 years of actual payroll experience, but ADP does our filing. I actually sit in the HR office and overhear HR related concepts but don't actually have much involvment. Prior to the payroll career, I was in IT for 7 years.



  • You can take a look at and study the copies of publications 15, 15a, 15b.

    Payroll source should be read cover to cover. Complete all the tests after each chapter.

    I really liked Pay Train. The version I used had several games and multiple tests that made the learning fun. I would go through Pay Train until you feel like you can answer the questions in your sleep.

    Study hard, study often and best wishes on passing the exam.
  • This is helpful. Thanks for your input!
  • I received my PayTrain books today! I'm pretty geeked. Oddly, no one here gets it. :)
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