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jadegurljadegurl ✭✭✭
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I had everything set up - The quarter was closed - all adjustments were in - BAM we do an upgrade and it turns OFF the HIRE tax code in our system. Now I have to go in and make adjustments for the 3rd Quarter. :evil:
And just to make my perfect day even better - I get a late W11 form from an employee who had 1 check in 2nd Quarter! Now I have to mass update to correct since the quarter is already closed.
WHY do some software programs make adjustments such a PITA??? :roll:


  • Ugh, sorry you are having to go through that!!
  • I wish my system would track the new hires for the Hire Act. My tracking consists of an excel spreadsheet that I enter all the new hires that have provided us the W-11 and then I enter all their checks for the quarter. No offense but I think I rather have you're problem jadegurl.
  • Oh my gosh, that is crazy!!
  • Our "payroll" system is part of a larger job cost accounting software package. Amazingly, they did program an update to at least be able to flag which employees are HIRE Act qualified employees. Unfortunately, our IT person hasn't installed it yet and seems in no hurry to do so.
  • That stinks!
  • Your IT will probably upload it the day before the program ends.

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