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Deductions on Paychecks

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The subject of this post was the subject of an email I received last week. I know it was crazy for me to think that the email would be about deductions on pay checks.

It was about tax exemptions, she "was wondering if I had any information about the number of deductions you choose and how it will affect your taxes come April"

Ummm, OK...I first explained that she was asking about tax exemptions not deductions. Then I went into, the more exemptions you have the less tax is withheld. And I explained that she should read the instructions on the W4 and complete it claiming no more exemptions than she is allowed according to the form. I told her that she was currently claiming single with zero allowances.

To that I got a reply of "If I am married do I have to file as married or can I keep it at single?" I reply yes you can withhold single if you are married, there is an option for married but withhold at the higher single rate on the W-4 and I attached a copy of a 2010 W-4.

Her last reply to me was "Can you please change me to married but withhold at the higher single rate?"

SIGH...I just shook my head and replied that I would make the change. :lol:


  • Are you going to fill out the W-4 for her and get her to sign it?
  • I would definately not change her status unless she submits a new W4.

    If you fill out the form and she signs it and owes tax, or you change without a W4 and she owes tax, be prepared to explain why her status was changed without having a signed W4 on record. Be prepared to explain how the company is not liable for changing her tax status without ever receiving a W4.

    She can tell you what to do all she likes, but in my opinion do nothing unless she submits a W4. Then update exactly as shown on the W4.
  • I 100% agree that you should absolutely have the employee sign her W-4 Form.
  • I get it, she is already claiming single. So married but withhold at a higher Single rate is the same.
  • OK, I'm rolling my eyes and laughing at myself. :roll: :lol:
  • I am not the employer, I am the payroll processor. I have told the client a million times that she needs to have them on file, that is the best I can do in my position.

    Not only does she just email me the changes the direct deposit form has been altered, she removed the bottom part authorizing any adjustments for anything deposited in error! I have warned her about this too. So far there have not been any errors (going on three years now) but eventually it will bite her in the a**.

    She also deducts "errors" - I have told her she needs something signed from the employee authorizing those AFTER the error was made.
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