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Corrected Virgin Islands W2

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Have a location I work with in VI who gets at the end of year a W-2VI.

Found out we have to do corrections so I did some research.

No such thing as a W-2VIc like a W-2c. Simply use the W-2c to correct a W-2VI. per the IRS.

It is amazing that something like google can point you in the right direction. I remember the old days when it could have taken forever to find out there was no such thing as a W-2VIc.

Sometimes it is just easier to research it yourself vs. asking a question and waiting for an answer.

Anyway, just my thought for the day.


  • In our staff meeting yesterday, the presenter mentioned "BG" - before Google. Seems hard to imagine that when I was in college, e-mail and the internet were barely on the radar (and I'm not even 40 yet!).
  • I was at the grand opening for a computer lab at my old university.

    The students were shocked to learn that the world was was able to function pre-microsoft.

    No microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, etc...they said?

    Nope, if you wanted something bold or underline you need to add functions, no spell checkers either. Hit the print button and walk to the print lab, then wait 4-8 hours for it to print and hope nobody steals it.

    The good old days where you had to submit something to the typing pool if you needed 20 copies of a letter. Back when it was acceptable to wait two weeks to get a 1,000 page document sent by mail.

    Ahhh, the good old days.
  • No such thing as a W-2VIc
    I have heard there a places in back alleys in certain countries where "mistakes" can be corrected.

    Just 4-8 hours for a print out? I remember waiting as long as one or two days to find out there was a fatal error on the second punch card in my deck.

    And, you turned in the cards at one end of the building and your printout was retrieved at the other end- within two years the system was upgraded so there was some real time communication - via teletype - in the new computer building - log on, then wait 20 minutes for the computer to say "hello". - two hours if I fell asleep waiting for the response - come to think of it, that happened yesterday with MS Vista :roll: I've been getting "keyboard forehead" for 40 years.
    While I did not experience it, I heard about it and believed it - stories of the
    "Comptometer" department at Hydra-matic (General Motors) with the rows of people with comptometers on the desks doing nothing but punching keys and literally crunching numbers all day.
    I suspect the machines were more like the Monroe calculator
    Then there were the "bedsheets" - paper spreadsheets that easily covered one or two desktops. - I never had to deal with them, thank goodness.
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