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Question about Unemployment Benefits extensions

edited October 2009 in Human Resources
This came to me today. I am usually pretty good with unemployment issues but I’m not sure about this one. The employee claims they were not able to get a satisfactory answer from the unemployment service center and frankly I don’t have 45 minutes to sit on hold, especially on a Friday! Plus I figured some others might benefit from the education.

(This is PA but I don’t think the answer would be different in other states).

Let’s say you qualify with a weekly benefit of $500 for 26 weeks so that’s $14,509 total. I know you have 52 weeks to use that benefit so it’s not like you literally are only able to claim 26 weeks of benefits. You could, for example, receive $250 per week over 52 weeks.

For extensions of benefits, does that extend the benefit amount, the benefit time, or both? To put it another way, let’s say you are working part-time and only claiming a partial credit of $250 per week. Using the above example of $500 per week maximum benefit, would a 13 week extension give you $6,500 additional possible benefits within the original 52 week benefit period, or does it give you an additional $6500 AND an extra 13 weeks to claim beyond the initial 52 weeks?

Sorry if I am not being real clear here but I’m not entirely sure of all this myself.


  • No idea, but I will be calling about it soon. Personal experience and all. :(
  • Is the employee terminated?

    If terminated, why would the issue of not getting information from the unemployment service center be something you wish to be involved with?

    Maybe I'm missing the question, but in my area once they are no longer employed, I wouldn't spend any time on them. I would only respond to agency inquiries, not directly to the former employee.

    Not sure if this helps, but you could provide them the link to the agency website.
  • I have been specifically instructed to research this question on behalf of an employee who does not possess the requisite mental faculties to find the answer on their own. This employee apparently does not have a cell phone, home phone, or computer has been pestering everybody in HR on a regular basis and it was determined that it would just be easier to find the answer for them. There are many employees here who had their hours cut and are now part-time so they can collect some unemployment and I'm sure this will come up again as they hit the end of their benefit year.
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