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Gratuities and Gifts

edited September 2009 in Human Resources
Does anyone have a policy on Gratuities and Gifts being recieved by employeers and/or managers. We are a winery so clients sometimes give employees wine which is fine but we are looking at the bigger picture especially now of days when people are hurting for business and want to control how much Managers can accept from our vendors or clients.....


  • Our policy :"No employee shall solicit or accept for personal use, or for the use of others, any gift, favor, loan, gratuity, reward, promise of future employment, or any other thing of monetary value that might influence, or appear to influence, the judgment or conduct of the employee in the performance of their job.

    Employees can accept occasional unsolicited courtesy gifts or favors (such as business lunches, tickets to sporting events or cultural events, holiday baskets, flowers, etc.) so long as the gifts or favors have a market value under $25, are customary in the industry, and do not influence or appear to influence the judgment or conduct of the employee. Any exceptions to this guideline should be discussed with your supervisor or Human Resources.

    Employees are not to give, offer or promise directly or indirectly anything of value to any customer, a potential customer, a vendor or potential vendor, financial institution or potential financial institution with whom (the Company) has or may have a business relationship without the approval of management."
  • Our policy is basically the same as rrupert's except that we cannot receive any gifts. There is only one exception. We can receive holiday baskets given by vendors provided they are put in a place for general consumption otherwise they must be returned to sender.
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