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Personal Deliveries

edited September 2009 in Human Resources
We have a number of employees who have items shipped to the office on a regular basis. Some are delivered by USPS and sit in outside our tiny mailbox for our receptionist to pick up on her way up from the garage, and others are delivered to the office via UPS or FedEx. One employee even had all her wedding gifts shipped here, probably 50 packages! Does anyone have a policy on shipping & receiving personal items? We're not totally against it, but some folks are abusing it. Thank you.


  • I never have, but then again, I've never been anywhere where it was a problem.
  • The college instituted a policy prohibiting personal deliveries - seems the mail room got really clogged up during the pre-holiday season. But beyond that, stuff went missing - I had a couple of desk copies of textbooks vanish between the mail room and my (unlocked) mail box in the department office. I'm sure that personal stuff vanishing was also a problem for public safety officers.

    The problem is, the internal controls over personal items delivered through the interoffice delivery system are often pretty weak - particularly in a large organization.
  • We allow it but we are very very small. And our post office worker delivers directly to inside our front door.

    I would personally speak to the employees who are abusing the system...especially the one who had all her wedding presents delivered there.
  • We allow it as long as it is does not disrupt the flow of the workplace. The girl who had all of her wedding gifts shipped would have been an issue.

    Of course we also have a shipping department that handles all of this stuff - it is not left on the front door for the receptionist to carry in either...when it has gotton out of hand in the past we have had a nasty company email sent to everyone as a first step warning before we start writing folks up. that ususally works for us.
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