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ADP & Ceridian Wage Attachments - Child Support

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I am interested in ADP and Ceridian wage attachment customer's experience on when funds are withdrawn for child support payments.

Are funds withdrawn on paydate or is it specific to when a goverment authority dictates?

Any difference between ADP or Ceridian on when those payments are withdrawn or paid.



  • Hi,

    I've used ADP's wage garnishment service, and it's up to the employer to specify when the payments are remitted. Typically, I set the payments up to be either mailed out or electronically transferred to the creditor 3 days after the employee's pay date. That gives me a little cushion in case I receive a release say, the day before pay day.

    If you're talking about when the payments are withdrawn from our company's bank account, that's included in the amount that ADP impounds for the rest of our payroll.

    Hope that helps!
  • Our debit from Ceridian Wage Attachments is generally the day before payday.
  • I have been waiting 3 weeks for a payment to be sent to SDU . I called agency and no payment remitted but obliged was garnished ! I don't understand and where can I seek answers
  • Who is your service? Call them up and ask them what is happening. No one here can look at your system and see what is says.

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