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Timesheet Expert

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As our pay period comes to a close, we have a few people who wait until the last minute to enter their time worked. Yes, we have a policy that states you must enter time worked daily.

HR received a call from a staffer who was 'locked' out of her timesheet. Three times with the wrong password and magic...the system locks. It's a simple process on this end to unlock, but odds are the password needs to be changed. In checking the was not locked. I assumed the password needed to be changed, but waited for confirmation.

Being in a rather caustic mood - I came up with the following passwords to change to:
'WRITETHISDOWN' 'RUTHATDENSE' and a few others I can't mention here.

Anyway, after the password was changed (No, I didn't use any of the above) and several phone calls between HR and myself...the employee calls to tell me she got into the timesheet system and can now teach a class, because she's an EXPERT. She said she couldn't get in before because she had her "Numbers Lock Off" :shock:

I, as politely as I could, said, "Be sure to teach the class that timesheet entries should be done on a daily basis as per Company policy." She TOTALLY missed it. :roll:

Happy Friday E1


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