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Federal TNTD

Can you please explain what Federal TNTD is and why it is being added to my Taxable wages? Thanks


  • What is federal tntd ?????
  • The original is a very old post (June 2009) and has what appears to be a local acronym that stands for some employer plan. I hope that suzecue asked someone in the company payroll department because nobody here knew what it meant. Sort of like TESPE which as I recall was a Ford Motor Company ESOP (employee stock ownership plan - this was in the 1980s ) and TESPE meant something like tax efficient savings plan for employees. There is a current Ford plan called TESPHE - tax efficient savings plan for hourly employees.

    About the best I can make up on the fly that sort of makes sense is federal treasury note taxable dividend - but that is just me making something up.