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What department?

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I think it's funny when you answer the phone
"good morning payroll, this is so and so, how may I help you?"
and the employee is like "what department?" :shock:
Makes you wonder how they function!


  • But the employee's name is Peg Rawl - and she was calling the number for the union office which is one digit different from yours.

    I used to get calls all the time at the college for the state probation office - the prefix number was one digit different from mine - I changed my number - I also had an 800 number for my tax practice in MI - I would get calls for a mortgage broker in GA wondering where the papers were and from a company in CA wondering why I won't return their phone calls about coming in to repair their copier. That was just about the time that 8XX numbers were being issued because there were not enough 800 numbers left.
  • i know...I get calls for another co-worker all the time. (and she works in the workers comp department so you know they're already upset and ready to wage a war!)
    Sometimes I wonder why I answer it that way at all! :D
  • Well, when your finger is bent because it got mashed in the stamping machine or the press - or it is all bandaged up because it was in the path of a flying chip (better that than a chip in the eye - which was one of the really common problems in the machine shop- it is hard to punch all those tiny buttons on the cell phone correctly - nuts - I have trouble even with no finger problems - other than them being fat - I got a wrong number the other day because the person who gave me the number typed it wrong - something like 3575 became 3775 and repeated the error in several documents - I just happened to stumble on the correct number tucked away deeply in the file - I promptly wrote in on the file jacket just in case I actually needed it again (grin).
  • growing up our home phone was 1 digit different from a black angus.

    A popular black angus.

    A very popular black angus.

    Several calls every day kind of popular black angus.

    Answering the phone became a routine "Sherman residence, not the black angus"

    "Is this the black angus?"

    "No, this is the sherman reisdence."

    "But I called the black angus."

    "No, you didn't."

    And everyonce in a while, we'd get someone that wanted to argue about them dialing the right number.

    "I'm sorry sir, i wasn't thinking for a moment, would you like a reservation?
    Friday night, 7 pm, party fo 15?
    no problem sir, we'll see you then."

    I never did go sit in the lobby to watch the ensuing action, but always wanted to.
  • A friend of mine had a similar problem with a popular pizza store - mostly delivery and one of the major chains - he had his number first, they refused to change theirs - they told him that it was "his problem he was getting all the calls - not theirs" and he should change his number - on his nickel - so he started taking orders - I never heard the outcome of that one - I don't recommend it - but he put up with a lot of calls and discussions with them before resorting to that.
  • I had that problem two residences/ phone numbers ago. My home fax machine was a similar number to a Guitar Center corporate office HR fax line- and apparently my number is what got programmed into several Guitar Center retail locations as the HR fax. So for a year I got new hire packets faxed to me- names, DOB, SSN, I-9 plus ID copies, the whole enchilada. Every time I called their corporate office to alert them to this issue I got the runaround, until I threatened to take the packets to the LA Times and show how irresponsibly Guitar Center treated their employees' personal info. Miraculously, they stopped coming in a couple of days.
  • I had a problem at one job where my phone number was mistaken for a fax machine. My phone would ring, I'd pick it up and hear that annoying screeching sound. Thankfully I had one those those phones that shows the number the call was coming from so I sent a fax to that number to advise them that the number they were faxing to was NOT a fax machine and to please stop using it.

    It worked. :D
  • My parents have had the same phone number for over 40 years. A cab company opened shop, and their number was one digit off. New Years Eve...after explaining to the 'umpteenth' (that IS a number...right?) person at 3am that they have a wrong number, I politely told an inebriated gentleman that his cab was on the way. No, I didn't ask his location...I wonder how long he waited ;)
  • KathieKathie ✭✭
    When I was young, my grandparents phone number (2121) was backwards from the local police station (1212). Back then there wasn't a lot of crime in our little town. By the time I was a teenager, things had changed, and the grandparents had to change their number.

    My parents have recently begun getting calls for a local lumber supply company.. after a very persistant customer argued that he HAD the right number and that he'd gotten it on their website, we looked it up. He was right, they had mistakenly listed my parent's number on their website. My parents are still trying to get them to fix it. Kind of scary, doesn't anyone proofread anymore?
  • Maybe your grandparents give better phone customer service - so the lumber supply company is happy to have them answer the phone --- :wink:

    Liked the taxi story - at one point I was working my tax practice out of my home - my number was in a special category - "Taxpayer Representatives" which was a column to the right of the category for "Taxi Service" -- I was at my desk one weekend night at 1:30 AM (that happens when you work out of your home) - BTW - important to this story - At the time I was severely hearing impaired - OK on the phone once I was able to figure out who I was talking to and what we were talking about. Anyway the phone rings - and someone says something about tax something or other but I can't really make out the rest because there is a lot of background noise - like the guy is at a party or in a bar.

    We aren't communicating so hang up - he calls back - a couple of times - then it dawns on me that he wants a taxi - So I ask "How did you get my number?" " From the phone book" so I look to see if it is possible - yup - right next to the taxi company but in the next column - so I give him the correct number because I had the book open to that page and I was not crosseyed.

    On the other hand, when I was young (and handsome) there were three of us named Pat with a last name of Haggerty, Hagarty, Hagerty, or whichever of the many variations of that most common Irish name living in Ann Arbor MI. I used to get phone calls that might start out with "Hi Pat, Remember me? It's Cathy from Athens Ohio!"

    Or, "Hello Pat, was that Marsha that answered the phone?"
    "No, it was Carol"

    Loooooooooooong pause

    "Who's Carol?"
    "My Wife"

    Looooooooooooooooonger pause

    "I think I have the wrong Pat Haggerty"
  • i will sometimes actually say "the name of the company, payroll, this is Jim" and get "what company is this? is this payroll? who am i speaking to?"

    we had a third party company come in called "Phone Pro" and they advised us against saying the name of the company and just using department and name. I get so many of those people that don't know who they're calling that it doesn't even phase me anymore.
  • I always called payroll the Fire Dept. :lol:
  • Payroll is the fire department...I agree with you there. There are so many employees (we're a large company that has 15,000 employees) who think that just because a deduction shows up on their checks, that payroll is solely responsible for everything! Can you imagine all the paperwork we'd have to sift through? :shock: I don't even want to think about it! It's funny that they give us that much credit though... :wink:
  • So, we should all answer the phone:

    9 - 1 - 1 Payroll...What is your emergency?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    All of these were great! Thanks so much for the laughs!
  • TechPay wrote:
    So, we should all answer the phone:

    9 - 1 - 1 Payroll...What is your emergency?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I love it! :lol:
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