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Hey Sam (Happy New Year)

Patrick HaggertyPatrick Haggerty ✭✭✭
edited January 2009 in Stupid Questions
Hey Sam -
I checked (just because I am curious) and found I am the ONLY "Active Contributor" on the board - it is a lonely position, but I suppose someone has to do it.

I guess what I want to know is whether I should slow down so that I don't accidentally become a "Payroll Guru" or if some other people should be prodded a bit so that the position does not go vacant.

Or let me know when I get close so that I can see if I can "auction off" my vacant seat :twisted: What is the going rate for "frequent poster" points? Maybe I could help David sell some of his. I think he should at least be able to trade some in for a coffee cup or something :wink:


  • Pat, I'll trade you some of mine for pizza. :lol:
  • I'm not buyin', I'm sellin' :lol:
    I like being the "only one".

    I actually liked the movie Highlander...
  • Whoa, I hope Pat doesn't start chopping heads off!
  • Whoa, I hope Pat doesn't start chopping heads off!
    Only in extreme cases - mostly I prefer to nip things in the bud. (I had a dog once who would nip Bud (and Chuck and Bill and Tom ---)

    On another board I will attack people giving really bad advice like a "hockey mom" aka "pit bull in lipstick" not to be confused with putting lipstick on a pig which is what the folks giving bad advice seem to want to do.

    My concern here is that if I get kicked upstairs to guru, there will be NO ACTIVE PARTCIPANTS on this board unless we somehow get some of the regular particpants to be active. I just figured that an easy way to do that might be to sell the title ala Blagojevich.
  • How much does a title cost these days??
  • How much does a title cost these days??
    I don't know (that was my stupid question - BTW) that was why I wondered if I could auction it off.
  • Well - It appears that I have just been elevated from being the one and the only "Active Contributor" to being the one and the only "Board Fixture" -- (or is it "Bored Fixture" -- "Boring Fixture"???)

    So now I am a fixture where before I was active? My wife is really concerned that I am not active enough -- and now I am a FIXTURE - as in Furniture and Fixtures???

    Well, I have not heard back from Sam on the Active Cotributor seat I leave unfilled - so I am just striking out on my own - who is interested and what are you willing to bid for it? I hear Blagojevich had somebody put him in peaches. I suppose that in these tough economic times that might actually be better than cash.

    Anyway, step right up and make your case -- I have to pay for my celebration blow out party somehow.
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