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Temp as sole practitioner

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So, I'm working this gig, supposed to be temp-to-hire, this is week 4 of it.

The company has not changed any of the incumbent's passwords, IDs, email, etc. The company has not provided my name as a contact to any of the third parties, so I cannot much done with most of them (ADP being a perfect example). As far as everyone knows who hasn't met me, I'm still Mary (including email).

I'm considering just saying "This is Mary from XX and I need help doing YY" from now on. I had to request an DD callback this week and I couldn't do it.

It appears this is just another indication of what I've heard from a few folks and it appears to be true; micro-managing is the name of the game. I hate being micro-managed. :evil:

So, anyhoo, I guess the question is, am I expecting too much for my name to be on anything until/unless such time as they may offer me the position on a permanent basis and I may (or may not) take it?


  • At another job, I had to deal with the company that did our COBRA administration , and the woman I dealt with who was very competent, told me up front that she was a temp, but gave me her name, contact info at the company, and also who her senior was (I'm assuming it was so I'd know who to go to when she wasn't there any more). She'd been there a few months, but obviously didn't know how much longer she was going to be there since she was a temp. I found it helpful to know the info.

    How does your boss feel about you putting your name out there as the person who does what you do?
  • I know this doesn't really answer your question.......but it doesn't hurt to keep your options open.

    WSDOT Payroll & Labor Manager

    Accountability and Financial Services

    Recruitment Number:
    WMS 08-061

    WMS 08-061

    $73,596-$94,380 annually depending on qualifications

    Opening Date:
    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Closing Date:
    Open until filled

    Position Profile:

    From an outsider’s perspective, payroll may look boring. Please be assured that there is nothing boring about WSDOT payroll accounting. The WSDOT Payroll & Labor Manager ensures that over eight thousand employees covered by eleven separate labor contracts get paid correctly and on time. This includes administering department wide payroll accounting functions in the Marine Labor System (MLS), the Labor Distribution System (LDS), the Transportation Reporting and Accounting Information System (TRAINS) and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). And this is just for the present.

    WSDOT is looking for a leader/manager who thinks that payroll is anything but boring. Someone who knows the consequences of not getting paid and takes pride in delivery of exceptional customer services. Someone who understands accounting practices, merit system rules, bargaining agreements, labor rates, overtime and benefits. Someone who takes pride in assuring accuracy. Someone who knows how to leverage technology to improve business processes. Someone who can lead department- wide and statewide enterprise projects.

    Over the next year and a half, the incumbent will oversee a professional accounting staff whose goal is to substantially improve agency payroll efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the manager will be responsible for completing the integration of two separate payroll offices (WSDOT Headquarters and the Washington State Ferry System), providing effective and efficient payroll services to our customers. All this accomplished in a seamless fashion with no lost or missed paychecks.

    When payroll is done right and everyone gets paid, it may well seem unexciting. But, the kind of person we are looking for knows that every day is different and every decision they make affects someone. If you are an accounting professional with management experience that will question the status quo, strive for excellence, and deliver exceptional payroll services then we’d like to speak with you ..

    For more information and application instructions, visit the following link: ... 08-061.htm
  • Thanks, sylvia. Just don't want to move at this point.
  • Said with all due respect, I wouldn't give away the keys to the castle without knowing if the situation was going to be permanent.

    With that said, I have had some temps helping out and we did give them their own ID, passwords, email address and phone extention, but I did remain the "contact person" with the third parties.

    I don't understand why the company would allow you to use "Mary's" login info. Our auditors most definitely would not like that!

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do!
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