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Joys of Working for a TPA

edited December 2008 in Stupid Questions
I can't remember the majority of stupid questions I got while there but here a a few choice convo's with people over the decade.

1) I had one client leave a message asking me to call him. When I returned the call I got his voice mail. He called back and left the following: "Why did you call me when I was in the bathroom? And then you got back on the phone after you left the message instead of waiting for me to call you back?? Please don't call me again when I'm away from my desk."

No, he wasn't kidding.

2) I had the wife of a doctor call and want to give a 3% raise to an employee. I gave the raise and sent the check. I got a call back about why I didn't retro the pay back to the employee's anniversary date (which was never mentioned - and we don't calc anyway). So I calced it to get her off my phone and sent the check. A month later she called again wanting to know why the employee was receiving Z pay. I told her X (old rate) * 1.03 factor = Z. This completely baffled her. Then I did the long version of the calc for her: X * 3% = Y; X + Y = Z. She still couldn't get it after over an hour on the phone.

How do you tell someone "Its not my fault you can't do basic math" and hang up? I sure hope she was pretty :roll:

3) I had another client give new hires our phone number and tell them to call me with all their info - including their annual salary. He got ticked when I wouldn't take pay from this random person on my phone (the nerve of me, right?)

4) I had one send me a shoebox full of unopened mail with a note that read "Just take whats yours and send the rest back" like I was their mail clerk.

I skipped out the door my last day there :D


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