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Funny stories

edited November 2008 in Stupid Questions
I'm new to this site, and these stories are so funny. I swear I can't stop laughing ... well here's one from me ...

I received a W2 reprint request, but as I was looking up the SSN, it didn't bring up an employee. I decided to call the requestor to get a confirmation. He said "Oh, I never worked for your company" I said "Ok, are you aware that someone had your information and sent it to me for this request." He said "I sent you that request" I said "Why would you send me a request if you never worked for our company" He said " Oh well I found the form online when I searched 'W2 reprent' and thought that your company can reprint my W2 for me" ... I swear it took a lot for me not to laugh at the guy on the phone :lol:
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