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"hard earned'...

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I thought y'all could use a laugh

I received this in a fax last month.

"I am going on vacation to Minnesota in a few days, and I have a concern and a request. I have never written anything like this before, so here it is: In case there is a bank failure and I am on vacation in Minnesota, would you be able to stop my "hard-earned" paycheck from entering WaMu? Would it be possible to send my paycheck to Human Resources until I can find another secure bank? You have my written permission to stop my paycheck from being deposited in WaMu if the ban does fail, and send it to Human Resources."

I found it funny - my boss blew a gasket.


  • I had something similar happen to me. A wife of one of our employees called me right when the sale of WAMU was happening. She was freaking out because her husbands check was being deposited the next day into WAMU and she was trying to get everything out of the bank because it was failing. I told her it was too late and the deposit had already been sent. She seemed convinced that she would never see that money again.

    Hasn't anyone ever heard of the FDIC? And since the bank was sold before it failed that wasn't even an issue. I started to try to explain it to her but realized it was a futile effort.
  • You wouldn't believe the number of direct deposit change forms we received, changing banks from WaMu or Wachovia to someplace else. :roll:
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