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CPP Exam

acl1118 ✭✭✭
I am taking the CPP exam next week in Texas. I know there are about 190 questions on the test.
Does anyone know how many you must get correct to pass, what percentage is passing? We have been practicing and practicing.

On all the chapter tests and practice exams I take I have been getting between 80 - 94%. The 80's are on subject to which I have never been exposed, re: benefits.
Was just wondering if anyone knew the passing grade/percentage so I would have an idea if I am in good shape for taking the test.



  • I don't think they publicize that. :shock: :roll:
  • It is my understanding that the questions are weighted (so calculations may be more important than deadlines for example) and that your scaled score has to be above the line they set for passing. It isn't as simple as getting 160 out of 190 questions correct. You may be able to miss more of the "lesser value" questions as long as you get the "higher value" questions right.

    But as pattytx says, they don't publicize the exact formula or which questions are weighted more.

    Best of luck, though. Let us know how you do!
  • I wanted to know the same thing since I took my test a couple of weeks ago. I was passing PayTrain tests at 94-100% and the same for The Payroll Source quizzes at the end of the chapters. I passed the exam well over the weighted grade of 300. I missed 10 questions which was 94%....although as others said that does not really mean anything.

    Good luck!
  • For those of you who have never taken the CPP exam, here is a link wherein you can download a handbook;

    As you can see, on page 2 of the Exam Candidate Handbook, there are 190 questions.

    Of the 190 questions, there are 25 "Pre Test Questions"
    These 25 Pre test questions are not counted in the scoring of the examination.

    What you should be aware of is that you dont know which of 190 exam questions are actually PreTest questions.
    They will appear throughout the exam. They might be really challenging questions, and they might be rather simple.
    Even though you are given 4 hours, for basically 165 questions, its a good idea to answer all 190 of the questions.

    Chris Lindstrand, CPP
  • acl1118
    acl1118 ✭✭✭
    I took the CPP exam last Friday, Oct 5th and PASSED!
    Scaled score = 372. I am just happy to have it over.
  • acl1118 wrote:
    I took the CPP exam last Friday, Oct 5th and PASSED!
    Scaled score = 372. I am just happy to have it over.

    YAY, YOU!!!!!!!!

    See, it's not as hard as it's cracked up to be. :P :wink:
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    Congrats on passing. The key now is to keep up on the recertification credits so you don't have to take the test again.
  • acl1118
    acl1118 ✭✭✭
    I agree, I plan to keep up my credits. Already have a Web seminar planned for next month.

    There was one person who took the class and the test because she had let her certification lapse. I am not sure if she passed, this time.

    There was only a 50% pass rate for those people who took the test with me.
  • I've had to retake it every time (that would be three). :x I have it down to a science, though. 2.5 hours max. :P
  • I will have to retake it (if I decide to) since I pretty much have no credits. It's too damn expensive!
  • That is true. Most of the APA classes are over $200 and if your company doesn't pay for them (as mine does not) the cost could add up.

    Actually it would probably be cheaper to just take the test every 5 years.

    Also look for a local chapter, meetings are low cost and count for RCH's if approved.
  • JOhio wrote:
    Actually it would probably be cheaper to just take the test every 5 years.
    Not probably, definitely!
  • I didn't realize this board was censoring and changing certain words... dumb though?? How about darn?
  • David you hit it right on the head and it's been my one very big criticism of APA national is the classes etc are too darn expensive and gives the perception that it's about the money. Having said that I've been pretty fortunate I've gotten a lot of my hours from teaching the CPP review classes for my chapter and I highly recommend it as both a cost effective measure plus a great way to brush up on your knowledge.
  • Hey, Tim, new job? What happened to B&D????????? :o