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Recertification credits for CPP

KathieKathie ✭✭ ✭✭
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this board, but it looks like everyone is really helpful.

My question is, do you have trouble getting your company to pay for classes/seminars to maintain your CPP designation? If so, how to do you do it?

My boss pushed me into taking the CPP exam, and swore that it wouldn't be a problem for me to take classes to maintain it.... and then I passed the exam last year (thank goodness).

Almost immediately the boss suggested that I might not want to recertify. I thought I had talked her into letting me take the classes, she even let me go to APA Congress in Las Vegas this year. Now, she's decided that the payroll classes are too restrictive and she wants me to "seriously consider switching to a CEBS certification" since they have pension, benefits and retirement stuff that she wants me to do, in addition to managing the payroll department.

I did voice my disappointment with not being able to continue with it... and that's kind of where it ended.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much for your help,

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