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Passed the test!

:D Since most people in the world wouldn't understand...but most people reading this WOULD understand...I just wanted to say, "I PASSED!"
More calculations on that baby than I thought there would be-arrgh! And that was what I missed the most, I believe.
For those of you using PayTrain and the Payroll Source-they work. I was getting high scores on all the tests and quizzes in both and only missed 10 questions on the real exam. So, study and take those practice tests-they help a lot. Probably the only thing I would have done differently, is to do more calculations-especially the complicated ones where you have to calculate net pay (thus you have about 10 computations to get the final answer). Honestly though, I don't know that it would help. I know what I am doing, but get tired in the process...and too lazy to double check. SO maybe I would say, double and triple check those (if you have time-I didn't, I must say).
Anyway-thanks to some of you who gave me some good advice along the way. I appreciate it!


  • Congratulations! It is a lot to master. However, now you can "forget" some of it and refer to books again!
  • COngratulations!

    And thanks for the helpful info... I'm scheduled for 10/13. Although I still have up until a week before to cancel. It's difficult finding time to study!

  • Thanks all!
    Joshua is I can relax and look up the info I need like I did before all that studying!

    Kristin-Best of luck to you! Let me know if I can help in any way. Of course, they don't want you to give specifics but I would be happy to pass on any general knowledge I might have! I spent my lunch hours doing the PayTrain practice tests-over and over. Since you get new questions every time, it really worked for me. Helped me identify my specific weak spots better than anything else.
  • Thanks Melissa. Yes, I've heard PayTrain is good. Unfortunately I don't have that! I'm making do with 2006 Payroll Source and publications and a few other books. I still have a lot to cover!
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    I have a couple of practice tests I could give you if you would like them...might help. You can email me
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    Sorry-I gave the wrong email address...
  • I opened the account just for that email....I don't use it.
  • Thanks Melissa! I sent you an email.
  • Are the calculations in Paytrain Similar to what’s on the test? If you only used Paytrain do you think you woudl have passed?
  • Would PayTrain be enough? I am not sure. I also studied The Payroll Source and did the majority of the questions at the end of the chapters twice. I also studied the IRS Publications (fun!) 15, 15A and 15B. I passed with a high score, so maybe PayTrain would have been enough by itself to get to just the passing score...? Don't know!

    If you only have PayTrain, then just retake the quizzes and tests. You will get different questions when you do this-not the same set each time. There are also a lot of calculations, as I recall, somewhere along the way and they may be different as well when you start over. If you are processing payroll now, you might want to take a recent payroll and manually calculate the net pay. See if you really understand how the computer figured out the final result (hopefully your computer system is up-to-date and correct!)
  • I passed. The test was nothing like Paytrain. I totally studied Paytrain in and out and did all the chapter tests in the Payroll Source along with the CPP study tests in the back of the book. I felt ill prepared for the test even though I put in a lot of time studying. If I had it over, I would have read the Payroll Source cover to cover. The calculations were a lot more involved than the ones in Paytrain. As everyone said, Paytrain was too simple. It is a great product as long as you use it in conjunction with the Payroll Source. I was getting 100s on every test in Paytrain. I got over 90% on 3 different KACs and still was surprised on the test. There were a lot of tricks!!!!! Watch out!!!!
  • Glad you passed! PayTrain is a good tool, but The Payroll Source has more of the calculation problems that you need. Studying with PayTrain did help me a lot, because I got the practice I needed for the non-calculation problems. But it was deceiving, because you didn't have all the difficult calculations. For me, the calculations on the were just tiring. It is not that they were all that hard, but there was so much to them and so many ways you could make an error. My brain was fogged up from them! I think that I read somewhere that the APA was putting more calculations on the test-that is why there were only 190 questions, instead of 200. Lucky us!
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