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Preparing for the CPP exam

Hello All.
I am preparing for the CPP exam, with an anticipated exam date of 3-29-08. I took the KAC "Preparing for the CPP Exam" last night and received a score of 64.. There are many training options available to prepare for the exam, but I am looking for some wise counsel regarding which option or options to choose and pursue.. There are several web based courses as well as publications, seminars, and live courses. There is also a local college that offers a course called "APA Payroll Professional" (I don't have the course outline or any details on this one yet). Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you!


  • If you have not done so already, I would invest in the Payroll Source text book. Alot, although not all, of the material on the exam is covered in the payroll source text book.

    I am a volunteer instructor for an online CPP Review course, and I too used the same course when I took the exam.
    I find it very helpful to be in an environment where you are among fellow payroll professionals, reviewing the same material.
    Its very interactive, and you'll learn alot, and at the same time, it is fun.

    Regardless of the number of years that you have in the payroll profession, you are pretty much assured that you will learn something from a review course. Even if the material is not applied in your workplace, it might still be on the exam.

    Good luck to you.

    Chris Lindstrand, CPP
  • Thank you Chris for the feedback. Very helpful. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing about the Payroll Source book. You mentioned "payroll source text book".. Is that the same thing as the "Payroll Source"? Also, what is your feeling about the "Research Ready CD" and other APA publications?

    I would like to join a study group or review course. My local chapters are finishing up the groups that are currently taking place, and the next groups will not begin again until spring or summer of 08.. Do you have any direction as to how to go about finding a review course? Is the one that you instruct online available?

    Thanks again for the great feedback. Much appreciated!

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