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CPP Exam & Knowledge Assessment Calculator (KAC)

Hello, Everyone. I just took the "Preparing for the CPP Exam" Knowledge Assessment Calculator and got an overall score of 82%, without studying at all. Is 82% considered a passing score on the KAC? I know that passing the KAC does not necessarily mean that I will pass the CPP, but, in your experiences, what is the minimum score needed on the KAC for one to feel fairly confident that he/she stands a chance of passing the CPP? Thanks!


  • Hello Angie. I took the same assessment last night and received a score of 64. I'm not sure the answer to your question as I haven't taken the CPP yet, but the "Paytrain" topic, as well as many of the other topics, have some good insight to the CPP exam content and prep. process. Good luck!
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