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For those of you who have taken PayTrain...are the questions on the tests and quizzes similar to the ones on the CPP exam? I am taking the exam in September, am consistently getting 90 or above on all the tests/quizzes, so I THINK I am well-prepared, but I don't want too many surprises.

Thanks for your help!


  • I would say that a bulk of the exam material comes from the Payroll Source. But you will also find material taken from other sources: Most IRS publications, as well as the Dept of Labor.

    My suggestion to you is try taking some of the KAC's (Knowledge Assessment Calculators) on the APA website.
    Each KAC is $19.95 I believe, and NO, I am not an advocate of the American Payroll Association.

    The KAC is timed and will also show you where your strengths/weaknesses are.

    Good luck to you.

    Chris Lindstrand, CPP
  • I preferred to use the Payroll Source as my study guide. After each chapter there are questions. I went through and worked those all out. Maybe it's just me, but I found PayTrain a bit too easy.
  • Thanks, Erin...that is what I was wondering....I can get 100s on all the quizes. I think the questions are often simplistic though. I have the Payroll Source and have worked through it all once. My test date is in a month, so I will go back and see what I am missing now. I assume you took the test??? How long ago and how hard did you find it? Just want to gather as much as I can to prepare!
  • I took my test in 2001. So I'm guessing it's probably changed quite a bit! But I found it fairly (as in fairness not as in alot) difficult. If you were able to work through the Payroll source and can do the more complex Payroll calculations manually, you should be fine.

    Honestly, what inspired me to take the test in 2001 was the Payroll Professional Learning series. I took these classes at at a local community college with an EXCELLENT instructor. I wasn't even planning to take the test, but I was inspired by the classes. The books for these classes were pretty much the same information as the Payroll Source. So I bought the Payroll Source and worked those through as a second round of practice for the CPP exam. That's why I think the Payroll Source is the best for CPP exam practice.

    I can't really any of the questions that were asked, but they were a fair mix from the different areas listed in the CPP exam handbook under contents of the exam. I do remember doing a few complex manual calculations.
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