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CPP and FPC scores

I know someone who took the FPC exam this year and got 424. Has anyone ever heard of someone getting a score above 400 for either exam?


  • No idea. Have you asked the APA? They generally don't publish the passing score (at least for the CPP exam). They just advise whether you passed or not.
  • when I passed the FPC exam in '03, the page they printed out for me listed the "Passing Scaled Score", "Your Scaled Score", and "Result".
    The passing scaled score was 300, my scaled score was 417 with a result of Pass. (I didn't memorize the score, I just happened to have the page here at my desk!)

    I haven't taken the CPP yet so I don't know if they give the same results page out - although I think they may since a former co-worker knew that she failed only by 1 or 2 points when she took it the first time.
  • I took the FPC this past Spring and got a 437. Passing score is 300, but I'm not sure what it is for CPP. I'm hoping to take that this Fall and will let you know if it lets you know.
  • I believe passing for CPP is also 300.
  • Which reminds me that I need to take it to recertify! I suppose I should start looking into that...
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