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Becoming Payroll Certified-Help

I have been working with payroll for the last 7 YEARS. I would like to start the process on becoming a CPP. What is the best way to start this process?


  • jordanjordan ✭✭ ✭✭
    To quote the Payroll Yoda:

    Paytrain is huge. Take the test and see what you are having problems with. You want to be able to routinely pass PayTrain by a touchdown or two above a minimal passing score.

    Past that, The Payroll Source Book has the same material as the CPP exam, and you need to learn everything in the book. This is my preference, but the front of the book is more in important then the back of the book. You need to learn the FLSA stuff. Now if you miss a question because you do not have the 941 correction rules memorized, who cares. Focus on the stuff you will actually use in real life and that you should know what having to look it up. If I missed a question on say Belo Plans, that is a "who cares", but I would be upset if I did not know the basic 778.113 rules for Salaried Non-Exempt handling.

    Not all questions are of equal importance, and IMO, 80% of the test score will be directed at meat-and-potatoes questions. Concentrate on the major rules, not the weird exceptions.

    There are TONS of answers such as these in the Certification section of the bulletin board. :)

  • I have Pay Train 2006 do you think I should get 2007 to take the CPP exam in the fall? I was working to much overtime at the beginning of the year to take the exam.
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