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Payroll software

I was just wondering what payroll software program is the best. I learned to use quickbooks (for all accounting), some excel and ADP. I have found that I enjoy doing it by hand but realize it may not be practical when I am actually working for a company.


  • Something else to consider is the quality of customer service.
    With ADP, for example, one CSR (Customer Service Rep) will give you one answer, while a different CSR will give you a completely different answer.

    Another is the supporting manuals that come with the software. Are there tutorials that come with the program or training classes?

    There is alot to consider.

    Chris Lindstrand, CPP
  • I personally have not worked with payroll software other than tutorials. I can understand liking to manually keep track of your accounting rather than a system. For me, manually entering, it makes more sense as to what I am entering and where the information goes. On the other hand a software system is going to catch an error made, check your balances and provide you with the reports you may not be able to through, say excel.

    Like previously posted, all systems will have their faults. Our company just spent a huge amount of money on a new accounting system including training only to find out afterwards the system would not perform as expected. Our loss. If we could only have our own personal program designer.
  • DianaND
    DianaND ✭✭
    I have used approx 20 different vendors payroll programs and there is good and bad of all of them you just need to find the one that works best for your company.
    IMO if you have a basic payroll and only one or two state, I would look for a payroll program where you can write your own tax tables so you don't get hit for the $200 fee every year. If you have a lot of states, look to the ones that cover the most taxes. If you have a large number of employees you want to look to a product that offers payroll reports that can be submitted to the state or has a magnetic media or electronic filing method.
  • I have been using UZIO payroll from past few years and it has the best pricing in the market, Its integrated Hr and Payroll software is really helping us to keep all the employee data in sync with each other. Its payroll software covers services over all the USA states now.

  • We are using Keka HRMS, it works good with a couple of features like attendance management, payroll processing, time tracking, productivity tracker etc.