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paycheck net zero

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I received a visit today from a new employee that was VERY upset about his direct deposit voucher. "How come you paid me zero $ this pay period?" he stated. I thought something went wrong, and checked my books. Everything was fine. Then I asked him if I could see his pay stub. Thinking that he was right, he showed his pay stub to me pointing out to the NET ZERO amount .... after checking and savings deductions.

I almost told him he was too stupid to work here...


  • "we have a new policy. Employees are paid at a rate equal to minimum wage times their IQ.

    You owe us $27.50."
  • THANK YOU for making me NOT the only one this happens to !!!

    And you've only had one? I've lost count of mine.

    Some days it's very difficult not to say something sarcastic. :twisted:
  • My old company actually had employees who would take the direct deposit pay advice to the bank, and on a couple of occasions the bank cashed it!

    When the bank called our company looking to have us cover the payment they erroneously made, we politely told them that they should not be cashing direct deposit pay advices that do not contain magnetic coding as on a check.
  • Here I was thinking we were the only one that happened to! We had a check cashing service file suit against us to recover a direct deposit voucher they cashed. Just goes to show anyone can file a lawsuit!
  • I had an employee after telling him that his direct deposit will be prenoted for the payperiod so he will receive a LIVE check, call me and ask me why he did not get his direct deposit. I explained to him again that the check he just received is a live check and he will need to take it to the bank. he contunied to tell me that he did not receive the check the pay stub he received he through out cause it went direct deposit. so i had to cut a new check for him. and to think this was a high up person in the company.
  • It always seems like the biggest dogs make the biggest poop.....the more money they make, the lower their IQ becomes - it's almost as though they have to pay someone to think for them.....either that or they think that the rules don't apply to them because of who they are....
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