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No Names????

edited June 2003 in Let off some steam
I don't understand the "no names" requirement :? . Usually, when I vent, I want people to know it is me (so people can discount what I say as "just Pat venting". I can understand why some people may want to venture incognito into this forum, but shouldn't that be an option rather than a mandate?

Or do you mean no name calling or naming who is being dissed?

I'm not venting here so much as asking.

Pat, EA in MI


  • I think the no names just refers to whomever you would be venting about. Like they wouldn't want someone to come in venting about how they just quit their job at ABC Co because their boss Joe Smith told them not to pay any more overtime no matter how much someone worked. That just smells of trouble.

    So I don't think Sam would expect us to log out and post as a guest whenever we need to vent. Of course, if you've got some really good stuff, then it might be a good idea. ;)
  • We are trying to keep from slandering companies or employees. Please post your frustrations, but don't tell us who it is. We don't need to have 500 flaming emails sent to an employee or boss of a member asking how they could be so heartless. This section simply lets payroll people understand that they are not alone in their situation. Can you say group hug? :lol:
  • Patrick HaggertyPatrick Haggerty ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭
    OK, Got it.
    Thanks Sam.
    Pat, EA in MI

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