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Payroll Positions within an organisation

Looking for some advice surrounding the overall payroll function of an organisation with circa 110 staff.

Background: HR manager previously processed payroll with the end result sitting wuith me; the head of finance. Since the HR manager's resignation the decision has been made to move payroll into the finance department. the idea was to create one part time post (15hrs p/w) to process payroll and provide support to the finance element of processing the payroll.

We had one internal applicant who has since withdrew due to not having the correct experience/qualifications.

CEO suggests accounts assistant takes over the responsibility (declined this option due to capacity issues, we are a team of 2 and turn over 2mil!)

Back up plan discussed, Train our quality and policy manager to run the payroll, she has 1 day to learn the entire function before the HR manager leaves next week, no prior experience, no qualifications or understanding of legislation or statutory requirements.

I've expressed my concerns over all of this, more so the lack of urgency to get this sorted and the naivety towards the complexity and importance of the payroll function.

My main concern is that the payroll will go to pot and with no one within the organisation with any prior experience we will be up S**T creek without a paddle.!

Can someone just let me know I'm not over reacting with my opinions towards this before i come off too strong with el Jefe!

Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry to be getting to you as it may be after you had to come on strong, Sounds like a pretty serious situation. I don't think you are overreacting - payroll is a lot more sensitive and complex than a lot of people think - until people are not paid properly - then it really becomes an issue. Be sure to take notes on what is said and done - otherwise you may catch the flak when things go South. One option might be to bring in a temp or hire an accounting or bookkeeping firm to handle the payroll. - it sounds as if it was being done in house - do you have a third party service provider? That may not be an immediate solution with no knowledgeable in house contact, but if you already have something set up for processing, have them help with training someone for in house.