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Company paid APA Membership

Hi all! I am new to this forum. I stumbled across it during a Google search, but I've already found so much information!
I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any experience/advice on requesting my current employer to pay for my APA yearly membership dues. I paid my own last year when I joined because I was unemployed but I heard that a lot of companies pay their employees' dues. Has anyone ever asked their employer for this? If so, how did you ask? Have you been asked to pay an employee's dues? If so, any tips for me on how to or how not to ask?
Thanks in advance!


  • Professional association dues could qualify as an employee business expense. The first question is whether the employer has a fringe benefit or expense reimbursement policy with regard to association dues. If a case for the reimbursement has to be made, the benefits of the membership to the employer would be the selling points. That is, how the employer benefits by your having the membership. This might be access to APA resources that help you do your job more effectively and efficiently, discounts on training that the employer might want you to take, and so on.