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Payroll Manager with no payroll experience

Hi all not new here but it made me re-register. Anyway, has anyone had this happen in their workplace? This is the second time for me and I just don’t get it! The first time did not end well. I really hope this won’t be a repeat 🙁


  • Hi PayrollChick,
    Welcome back. The board has been fairly quiet lately. Not really sure why.
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Not something I have had experience with, but I can picture it. I'm imagining someone who has an accounting degree or credential and is supposed to know everything about payroll from that half chapter in the first semester undergrad accounting class and is being groomed for more management responsibility in the future. Whether it goes well depends upon whether the manager recognizes your expertise and his or her own inexperience and is willing to learn from you.

    It could be that if you welcome the person to the position and offer to share what you are doing, why you are doing it the way you are doing it, and explain the control system, and generally just show the new manager around, that may help to establish a collaborative relationship.

    Sorry I can't be of more help in this, but keep us posted.
    Pat Haggerty

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