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Remote and Mobile Worker Relief Act of 2020

Recently we posted an article regarding the Remote and Mobile Worker Relief Act of 2020 created by U.S. Senators John Thune and Sherrod Brown. Let us know your thoughts!


  • This is a good idea, but like a lot of good ideas, it looks like it is stalled in committee. A number of states have pass legislation to allow workers to come into their states to give disaster relief (or specifically, COVID relief) but it is still a hodgepodge. In addition to granting tax relief to workers, some states have also granted nexus relief to their employers if the employers would not have nexus in the state except for the disaster relief workers coming into the state.

    LexiA - is Symmetry Software publishing a state by state listing of disaster relief provisions for multi-state workers and employers? A number of states have also provided relief for workers and employers where employees are under orders to work from home due to the pandemic.