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New Hires for 2020 and the new W4 form.

HR has begun hiring employees for 2020. The employees will not start working until 2020. HR has provided them with the 2019 W4 form, as the new form is not out yet, and our software provider has not even setup the new system, yet. How are others handling situations like this? Are you accepting the 2019 form for employees that will be starting work on 1/1/20 or after? Will you require them all to submit new 2020W-4's once they are released? For current employees that want to make these changes as of 1/1/20 and the form has not been released, how are you handling them?

Thank you,

John Lee
Payroll Manager


  • Hello Silver70
    The new form is out now. Per the instructions, the "old" 2019 Form may be used up to Jan 1 and the new form is not to be used until after Jan 1. The claims made on the old form can be used into 2020 provided the employee was paid during 2019. If the employee is not paid until after Jan 1, the new for must be used. HR may may be using the form to gather information - such as the SSN, name and address, but if the employees will not start working until after December 31, they must fill out the new form.

    The new forms can be given to employees who want to make changes for 2020, but the information cannot be used to compute withholding until after Dec 31 2019.

    Note, in this case it does not matter how others are handling this - how to handle this is spelled out in the instructions.

    See FAQs 16-19 on the IRS website at